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Issues during or after your exams

Once you have taken your exams, you may want to tell us of mitigating circumstances that affected your exam sitting, provide comments about the exam centre or make an appeal regarding your results.

Assessment Appeals Policy and Procedure

Appeal Application Form - Stage 1 appeals 

Appeal Application Form - Stage 2 appeals 

Apply for mitigating circumstances

What do I do if I believe I have mitigating circumstances?

Mitigating circumstances are situations or events beyond your control which may adversely affect your ability to perform well in an exam. If you think that you have studied effectively but that mitigating circumstances, such as illness, have had a serious effect on your performance in an exam, please let us know.

You may be wondering if it’s appropriate for you to apply for mitigating circumstances. The types of mitigating circumstances that we may consider to be serious include:

  • Death or critical illness of a dependent or close relative (evidence such as a medical certificate or death certificate is required).
  • Severely debilitating illness during most of the revision period and/or the examination (medical evidence is required).
  • Unexpected loss of your job (termination of contract letter from employer is required).
  • An unfortunate incident or emergency (police or fire certificate is required).

Complete the mitigating circumstances form, and email it to enquiries@caa-global.org

For more information about mitigating circumstances, please see the handbook.

Submit comments about the exam centre

How do I submit comments about my exam centre?

If you believe there were factors about your exam centre that may have affected your performance, please let us know. We will pass your comments on to Pearson VUE so that they can take them into consideration when they administer future exam sessions. Complete the exam comments form, and email it to enquiries@caa-global.org.