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Success stories

Craig Thorburn Headshot

“As emerging markets grow so does demand for actuarial skills – a critical role in managing risk and driving sustainable growth. The Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA) qualification is essential in helping meet this growing need. CAA is accessible and efficient, not only in terms of cost and time but also geographically, as exam centres are available worldwide. I often encourage employers and employees alike to consider this qualification.”

— Craig Thorburn, World Bank Group; Washington D.C., United States
Halima Michelle Sadiq Headshot

“I believe CAA makes me stand out in the IT Insurance job market—where employers were not looking for a fully qualified actuary to manage their actuarial IT systems but someone with an IT background and a good understanding of actuarial work. The CAA meant I have the qualification to demonstrate this understanding.”

— Halima Michelle Sadiq, Zurich Insurance; London, United Kingdom
Joseph Mundia

“Working in an actuarial role is highly sought after. I’m hoping the CAA qualification will give me a head start and help me to gain entry to the actuarial industry. I have an undergraduate qualification in accounting and finance; I feel that with the CAA qualification on my CV it will definitely enhance my employability and differentiate me from my peers.”

— Joseph Mundia, Business Analyst, Development Bank of Namibia; Windhoek, Namibia
Tony Carter

“Insurance is an industry where data is in abundance. As the capital flowing into insurance becomes increasingly sophisticated, so will the data analysis required to justify the return on investment. With a blend of statistics and knowledge gained via the CAA qualification, I’ll have the skills to answer the questions that keep not only the chiefs but also the underwriters awake at night—and provide an evidence base to guide their strategic decisions.”

— Tony Carter, Risk Analyst and Statistician, SLE Worldwide; Sydney, Australia
Ewa Burton

“It’s given me the confidence to, perhaps, in the future, look at other jobs with a renewed confidence, and I would certainly recommend to colleagues in a similar position to apply for CAA.”

— Ewa Burton, QBE; London, United Kingdom
Neha Jaiswar

“The CAA will help me to move into a field where I aspire to work. Having worked in the Life and Health Technical Accounting department for more than six years, the CAA will help me to add value to my experience. I aspire to move into the actuarial team in our company, and, in order to achieve this, I need strong support in terms of knowledge. The CAA, with its short duration, strong content and lesser number of modules, looks like a very good tool to achieve this.”

— Neha Jaiswar, Senior Analyst RM Process Governance, Swiss Re Shared Services (India) Private Ltd.; Bangalore, India
Moses Chege

“I had the desire to pursue another professional course, but one with the blend of insurance, finance and investments. The CAA was the first to come in mind. I decided to approach my employer with the proposal on whether I could be sponsored, and fortunately enough, I got the go-ahead.
I must say that pursuing the CAA is an opportunity of a lifetime. I think it will go a long way in ensuring that people have the necessary skills to work in all spheres of actuarial work, finance and risk management.”

— Moses Chege, JW Seagon and Co Ltd; Nairobi, Kenya
Zeenat Chady

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study at university, and I really just wanted to get into the world of work and start networking with people of all ages rather than just people my own age. Also, I wanted to get my foot in the door and start early!”

— Zeenat Chady, Aon Hewitt; Surrey, United Kingdom