Invest in your company’s greatest assets

Over the last few years, the number of analysts working in professional technical roles across a range of sectors from health and care to data science and technology, financial services, education, and energy has grown. The Certified Actuarial Analyst qualification will provide your employees with the skills to keep your organisation competitive and effective—and will instill your stakeholders, regulators and the wider public with confidence in your staff.

The CAA offers a business focus, high academic standards and an association with an internationally recognised brand. Once your employees earn their CAA, they will be part of a global association that will uphold members to high professionalism and professional development standards. Encouraging your employees to become qualified will bring those professional assets to your organisation. What’s more, investing in the development of your teams will aid staff retention and motivation.

The CAA will:

  • Professionalise technical and analytical roles.
  • Provide assurance to your clients that those working for them are suitably qualified to do the work.
  • Aid staff retention and boost morale.
  • Help you to attract the best employees to your business.
Who should I consider for the CAA?

Ideal candidates for the CAA:

  • Someone who already has a professional qualification and is looking to add an actuarial dimension to their current skillset.
  • Someone who has left university and is interested in actuarial work.
  • Someone who is interested in starting their career and learning on the job without having to undertake a degree.
  • A current employee of a professional:
    • Someone who is working in an analytical support role.
    • Someone who has started their actuarial exams to qualify as an actuary but feels that is not the right route to support his or her career aspirations.
What skills will CAA candidates bring to my organisation?

Skills and value added

Qualified CAAs will become immediate assets to your organisation. The qualification prepares them with the mathematical skills and understanding to:

  • Carry out the calculations underpinning the determination of the premiums that need to be charged for products, contracts and other arrangements that provide benefits on contingent events.
  • Be effective in manipulating and analysing data sets.
  • Communicate financial concepts in the work environment.
UK apprenticeship schemes

Invest in talent from the ground up

In the UK, a number of actuarial employers are considering the CAA for their apprenticeship schemes alongside the IFoA’s Fellowship qualification.

This offers you an opportunity to engage those who are leaving school to pursue a career and a qualification at a young age.

Find out more about UK actuarial apprenticeships on the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) site

For more information about how the CAA qualification can benefit your organisation, please get in touch with us today.