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We have made important changes to the CAA qualification – please read our transitional arrangements FAQ before you book your CAA exams.

The right qualification for your business

    Our Certified Actuarial Analyst qualification professionalises analysts in technical and analytical roles. It equips Certified Actuarial Analysts with the critical data skills that modern businesses need to compete in our complex, global markets.

    Industries and organizations are having to process increasingly complex data and rapidly changing information, in order to support and drive sustainable business growth. This has lead to an increase in demand for supporting analytical roles across an increasingly broader range of sectors from health and care to data science and technology, education, energy, and financial services.

    With its business focus, the CAA qualification is supported by leading international professional organizations which have been educating and regulating actuaries for decades; the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), the Society of Actuaries (SoA), and the Actuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA). Additionally, The World Bank has also highlighted the CAA qualification to all insurance supervisors as a potential solution to developing actuarial capacity.

    “Working in an actuarial role is highly sought after. I’m hoping the CAA qualification will give me a head start and help me to gain entry to the actuarial industry. I have an undergraduate qualification in accounting and finance; I feel that with the CAA qualification on my CV it will definitely enhance my employability and differentiate me from my peers.”

    Joseph Mundia, Business Analyst, Development Bank of Namibia; Windhoek, Namibia 

    Watch a recording of our recent webinar 'Why Certified Actuarial Analysts add value to employers, including both insurers and consultancies

    In this webinar recording, co-hosted by CAA Global and UK consultancy, APR LLP Actuarial solutions, supported by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and Society of Actuaries, we provide real life insight into the diverse roles CAAs can perform in different sectors and explore the value they can offer if integrated as part of your strategic business model. 


    Qualified Certified Actuarial Analysts will become immediate assets to your organization

    The qualification prepares them with the mathematical skills and understanding to:

    • Carry out necessary analysis to determine charges for products, schemes, contracts and other arrangements that provide benefits on contingent events
    • Be effective in manipulating and analyzing data sets.
    • Communicate financial concepts in the work environment.

    "Insurance is an industry where data is in abundance. As the capital flowing into insurance becomes increasingly sophisticated, so will the data analysis required to justify the return on investment. With a blend of statistics and knowledge gained via the CAA qualification, I’ll have the skills to answer the questions that keep not only the chiefs but also the underwriters awake at night—and provide an evidence base to guide their strategic decisions.”

    Tony Carter, Risk Analyst and Statistician, SLE Worldwide; Sydney, Australia

    The CAA qualification delivers the analyst skillset your business needs 

    Throughout the course, employees will be assessed on their knowledge and understanding of the following topics:

    • Finance and Financial Mathematics
    • Statistics and Models
    • Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics
    • Short-Term Actuarial Mathematics
    • Models and Audit Trails.

    In addition, an Online Professional Awareness Test (OPAT) and work experience log will give employees sound business acumen. 

    “The CAA offers training in pension mathematics and administration thereby providing value for our company and its clients. We support employees seeking this qualification by providing study time and paying for the examinations and study materials”

    Steve Eadie, FSA, FCIA, Partner, Robertson, Eadie & Associates

    Fully regulated by leading global actuarial organizations 

    After the CAA qualification is obtained, the employee may join one of these global associations that uphold Certified Actuarial Analysts to high professionalism and professional development standards. Encouraging your employees to become qualified will bring those professional assets to your organization, and provide assurance to your internal stakeholders and clients that those working for them are suitably qualified to do the work.

    Offering the CAA on a global basis professionalizes a large segment of people from all over the world who are supporting the actuarial profession, as well as those working in technical analyst roles in wider fields, by creating a structured education pathway for those seeking a professional qualification.

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