Commit to your career: register for CAA exams

Welcome to the next chapter of your career—this is where it starts. Registration for the April 2019 session is now open.

    Register for exam modules

    Complete these steps to get on your way to becoming a Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA).

    STEP 1: Ensure that you have an exam pass or exemption from Module 0. If you do not then you must complete Module 0 before you take any other exams. You can register for Module 0 here

    If you've not received your ARN within 24 hours please contact


    What if I have an exam pass?

    1. STEP A: You need to complete the candidate registration forms below and email it to or via post.

    Candidate registration form – GBP 

    Candidate registration form – USD

    1. STEP B: Send the administrative team proof of qualification from either IFoA or SOA exam.
    2. STEP C: Include administrative and exemption fees with your proof of qualification.
    3. STEP D: The administrative team will process the full application and take payment.
    4. STEP E: The administrative team will notify you of your Actuarial Reference Number (ARN) and provide instructions for booking future exams.


    STEP 2: If you want to register for Modules 1-5 and you already have your Actuarial Reference Number (ARN), please click here to book and pay for further modules. Please note that you must have completed and passed Modules 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 before booking Module 5.

    Module 0 exam registration form – GBP              Module 0 exam registration form – USD

    Modules 1-4 exam registration form – GBP         Modules 1-4 exam registration form – USD

    Module 5 exam registration form – GBP             Module 5 exam registration form – USD


    STEP 3: Get your study resources here


    The Online Professional Awareness Test (OPAT) is currently available to book.

    The OPAT can be taken all year round, and your work-based skills requirement can be submitted at any time.