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COVID-19 Updates

At CAA Global, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 coronavirus and have developed a dedicated portal with information about your exams and who to contact. Visit www.caa-global.org/covid-19-updates.

Commit to your career: register to start CAA exams

Begin your CAA exam modules

Welcome to the next chapter of your career—this is where it starts. Complete these steps to start the Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA) qualification. If you simply want to find out more about the qualification before you start, please complete the contact-us form or download the candidate handbook.

For the October 2020 exam session only, we will allow candidates to book the Module 1 exam along with the entry Module 0 exam.

Candidates will not be able to progress with further Modules if they have not completed the Module 0 and/or submitted a candidate registration form regardless of the Module 1 exam result.

Important dates to remember

  • Exam entry opening — 10 December
  • Exam to be paid by — 3 May
  • Exam to be scheduled by — 10 May
  • Modules 0-4 examination dates — 17 – 28 May
  • Module 5 date — 19 May

Exam registration process

STEP 1: Your first exam is Module Zero

Module Zero is the first examination for your CAA qualification, unless you already have an exam pass or an exemption. 

Sign up for Module Zero

Once you're registered you'll be sent your unique ARN identifier number. If you've not received your ARN within 24 hours please contact enquiries@caa-global.org

What if I have a module 0 exam pass?

  1. STEP A: You need to complete the candidate registration forms below and email it to enquiries@caa-global.org 

Candidate registration form – GBP 

Candidate registration form – USD

  1. STEP B: Include administrative fees.
  2. STEP C: The administrative team will process the full application.
  3. STEP D: The administrative team will notify you once application is approved and provide instructions for booking future exams.

STEP 2: Registering for Modules 1 to 5

If you want to register for Modules 1-5 and you already have your Actuarial Reference Number (ARN), please click here to book and pay for further modules. Please note that you must have completed and passed Modules 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 before booking Module 5.

The exam forms will be available here during the exam registration period only.


STEP 3: Access your study resources

Download your study resources here

The Online Professional Awareness Test (OPAT) is currently available to book.

The OPAT can be taken all year round.


Your work-based skills requirement can still be submitted at any time.

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Register for your first learning module here

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