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Your career as a Certified Actuarial Analyst

CAA Global: an actuarial qualification for a changing world

CAA Global's Certified Actuarial Analyst enables you to work in the dynamic world of financial services with a streamlined, industry-approved online learning qualification.

Supported by some of the largest actuarial education bodies in the world, (the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and the Society of Actuaries), CAA Global has been designed in partnership with global financial services employers.

Industry experts say the need for actuarial skills is growing as emerging markets across the world become more sophisticated. CAA Global aims to meet that need with an internationally recognised qualification.

“As emerging markets grow so does demand for actuarial skills – a critical role in managing risk and driving sustainable growth. The Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA) qualification is essential in helping meet this growing need. I often encourage employers and employees alike to consider this qualification.”

Craig Thorburn, World Bank Group; Washington D.C., United States


Certified Actuarial Analysts are certified and recognised as professional analysts with the skills to add value throughout your career.

  • Expertise and experience — Apart from a professional qualification supported by some of the leading actuarial associations in the world, Certified Actuarial Analysts have a range of financial business, analytical and modelling skills
  • Recognition and community — Through CAA Global and its international actuarial association partners, Certified Actuarial Analysts are members of a well-respected, globally recognised profession and be able to work worldwide

“Insurance is an industry where data is in abundance. As the capital flowing into insurance becomes increasingly sophisticated, so will the data analysis required to justify the return on investment. With a blend of statistics and knowledge gained via the CAA qualification, I’ll have the skills to answer the questions that keep not only the chiefs but also the underwriters awake at night—and provide an evidence base to guide their strategic decisions.”

Tony Carter, Risk Analyst and Statistician, SLE Worldwide; Sydney, Australia

The Certified Actuarial Analyst skillset 

Certified Actuarial Analysts have mastered the essentials of business mathematics; developing a broad skillset covering:

  • Business mathematics - Understand finance and financial mathematics, statistics and actuarial mathematics
  • Modelling and calculation - Master the calculations underpinning the determination of the premiums that need to be charged for financial products, schemes, contracts and more
  • Data Analysis - Be effective in manipulating and analysing data sets
  • Communication - Communicate financial concepts within the work environment