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Demonstrate your real-world skills

Although you won’t need work experience to sit any of the Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA) exams, you do need to show evidence of one year of relevant experience in an actuarial or other support role before you qualify as a Certified Actuarial Analyst. This demonstrates to employers that you have relevant experience and are able to apply your skills.

You can achieve this by completing and submitting a learning log recording your on-the-job experience.

Your learning log will focus on three areas:

  • Technical application of actuarial skills.
  • Professional and ethical issues.
  • Communication.

Find more details about learning logs in the Guide to Work-based Skills for Student Actuarial Analysts.

Once you have completed your work-based skills, you must send us the final sign-off form in order to finalise your qualification.

WBS Blank Learning Log Form
WBS Final Sign-off Form (US Dollar payment)
WBS Final Sign-off Form (UK Sterling payment)