CAA benefits for candidates

A world of opportunity awaits

You need access and experience to get a great job, and it sometimes seems you can’t get one without the other. The CAA qualification leverages the experience you have, provides you with an enhanced skillset and offers you new possibilities.

What will you gain by becoming a CAA? Take a look at just a few of the advantages:

  • Jobs—There are roles for analysts around the world, and a CAA qualification will place you in a good position to obtain one.
  • Global passport—With this internationally recognised qualification, you’ll be able to work worldwide.
  • Open doors—Gain greater access to a career in financial services—and many other industries.
  • Recognition—Gain industry recognition of your skillset.
  • No pre-requirements—Other than Module 0, there are no pre-requirements to completing this qualification.
  • Flexibility, mobility and worldwide access—Study where and when it suits you—and take exams at any of the 1,500+ exam locations in over 170 countries.
  • Network—Communicate and learn with professionals like you all around the world.
  • Apprenticeships—If you’re in the UK, you can take advantage of apprenticeship schemes.
Certified Actuary Exams

Discover the qualification that matches your aspirations

Is the CAA right for me?

The CAA is a great choice for professionals in many stages of their careers. If one of the descriptions below rings true for you, this qualification could be the right fit:

  • You already have a professional qualification and are looking to add an actuarial or analytical dimension to your skillset.
  • You have graduated from college or university and are interested in actuarial work.
  • You are interested in starting your career and learning on the job without having to undertake a college or university degree.
  • You’re a current employee of a professional or financial services organisation.
  • You’re in an analytical support role or other position and are looking to move up in your organisation.
  • You’ve started exams to qualify as an actuary but are beginning to feel it might not be the right path for you.

Learn more about getting started on the CAA path.

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