The CAA: after you qualify

Congratulations! You’re a Certified Actuarial Analyst

This is the exciting part. You are now a qualified professional with the world at your fingertips. What happens now?

Now that you’re a qualified CAA, you have the opportunity to join one of the associations that are a part of CAA Global. You can opt to join the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), based in the United Kingdom, or the SOA Center for Certified Actuarial Analysts, a subsidiary of the Society of Actuaries (SOA), based in the United States.

Through the IFoA or the SOA Center, you will have access to networking, events, resources, continuing educational opportunities and more. Although you’ve completed your exams, your professional development is only beginning. Learn more about these two associations and what they can offer you.

CAA Mark Usage

As a qualified Certified Actuarial Analyst, who is a member of an Accredited Association, you are entitled to use the trade marks owned by CAA Global. In using the CAA Marks, you must adhere to the Regulations and Guidelines below.

Guidelines for Use of the CAA Marks
CAA Mark Trade Mark Regulations

About CAA Global

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